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Automatic categorisation

What does 'automatic categorisation' mean?

It means we expect 90 percent or better automatic categorisation once your rules are established. The figure is based on a whole year's transactions for all bank accounts. It is calculated by the number of categorised transactions out of the total number of transactions.

It is better to regard a transaction as Uncategorised until rules are established. Some products will achive high levels of first-time categorisation because they assume default or misleading categories.

If a very high level of categorisation is not achieved, then please seek assistance.

If your expectation is still not achieved, you may choose to opt-out. We are confident that 99+% has been achieved.

"Uncategorised" is a special category that is pushed to the front and highlighted. One click takes you to see these and act on them.

There are some transactions that should always be "Uncategorised" such as a cheque (check) paid or cheque (check) deposited.

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