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Beta Release

Please note that BanktoBook is currently under Beta release. This means there are no fees until the product is under final release. You can be an agent or a client with no fees in the meantime. You will only be asked for payment when it is activated. You can cancel at any time before making a payment. It is fully functional.

Free trial

A FREE Trial is available for 30 days. You can cancel at any time before making a payment.

Pricing for Clients

Plan Reporting
for one Month to do Uploads
Bank Accounts Budgets Invoice
for Tax Return
Silver Any $55 1 to 25 Yes Yes Yes Yes Optional Yes

Please note that this pricing module may be a new concept. The client is only asked for renewal of payment if the time period has expired and one wishes to do an upload to import transactions. Access is enabled at any time for viewing, re-categorising, reporting and exporting. It means that a client can import transactions for a minumum fee. A client that can import a whole year or more of transactions within a one month period, may only be required to pay the minimum fee. A client with quarterly imports may only pay the minimum fee by 4. A client with monthly imports may pay the minimum fee by 12.

Pricing for Agents

Start-up Fee Price

Start-up Fee

Plan Linked

enabled $150 per year

Terms explained

All prices are in Australian dollars (AUD). The current currency conversion rate is applicable at the time of payment.

Reporting Frequency
Typically Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual.

Client Fee
A client fee charged when due.

These are typically bank or financial institution accounts. Note that these are nominal bank accounts held in BanktoBook. Each external bank account is represented as an account in BanktoBook for the uploading of transactions. They are used for recording the data downloaded from the actual bank accounts. A bank account is a generic term that can be applied to non-bank financial institutions.

Budgets can be entered against category groups and enable a budget vs actual performance comparision. Budgets require a complete previous year of transactions. This way it can compare last year to this year with your budget variation. It is the easiest way we can think of to do budgets.

Invoice Tracking
This allows for summary debtors invoice data to be entered and the matching of receipts against invoices. The match is automatic if the invoice number is able to be extracted from the transaction using a rule. Otherwise, the invoice number can be manually entered. An outstanding invoice summary can be produced at any time. This shows which invoices are due with the most overdue ones first. It does not print invoices.
Custom Formats*

BanktoBook comes with some common import formats and a standard CSV export format. If your bank's format is not available for import, you can request a custom format. If your preferred export format is not available, you can request a custom format. If your plan does not provide for custom formats you can still request them and we will advise whether it becomes available without a change of plan. There are potentially many formats to cater for. Your logon can be customized to be able to select the new format. We reserve the right to accept or reject the provision of a particular format. Additional formats can be arranged on a per request basis. Some custom formats may attract an additional fee.
Export Category

Export categories provide a translation from BanktoBook's categories to your other system's categories. They are included in an export file. They enable BanktoBook to act as a gateway to another system. This may suit Corporate business users.
Automatic Bank Feeds*

BanktoBook does not rely on automatic bank feeds. These imply daily or monthly feeds. Products that depend heavily on feeds become restricted to certain countries and financial institutions. Feeds require you to supply a logon and password for your financial institution. Customers wanting automatic feeds should contact us.
Category Report for Tax Return

The Category report presents your accounts in a format suitable as a basis for preparing a tax return. It particularly suits giving to a tax agent who prepares the final tax return. Click here to see a sample Category Report. This shows sample data only. It also shows cheque payments where the payee has not been edited. Items that need further attention are easily identified. With the FREE trial, the Category report is LIMITED as it may not show the full picture.

An agent is a bookkeeper or tax agent or tax accountant who does the client's bookkeeping in preparation for a tax return. They can manage many clients with one logon. An agent is the person that deals with the client. A bookkeeping business, branch, or outlet or franchise requires a registration and logon for each person that deals with clients. Please note that a large or national firm with many outlets, must register each agent. Each agent must be registered to be linked to their clients. BanktoBook reserves the right to reject agents who may be the source of uncorrected complaints.
The Agent License Fee
A recurring license fee to use BanktoBook.
Each client may be independant of an Agent. A client is essentially a tax entity or each entity that requires a separate set of books. For example, one client may be for the main business plus personal and a second client may be for a superannuation, pension or retirement entity.
Agent Linked Clients
Many clients may be linked under one Agent. The Agent is able to switch between clients and manage their books.
GST and BAS return
In Australia and some other countries, sales tax collection and remittance is called GST. The Busines Activity Statement (BAS) return is a name for the format of remitting to the tax office. It may be called VAT is some countries and Sales Tax in others. BanktoBook provides a summary of tax-inclusive sales and purchases. The amount of tax to be remitted can be determined. It assists with the GST and BAS return. It provides a summary of sales tax (GST) tax-claimable expense where these can be deducted from sales tax collected. A tax agent is recommended to check your tax and business percentages.

More details about plans

The plan can start as FREE for a trial period. Once the trial period expires, a payment is required for continued usage.
Silver Plan
The Silver Plan is a fee for a client to be able to import transactions within the next time period.
The AGENT plan is for the bookkeeper or tax agent and entitles them to be linked to many BanktoBook clients.
AGENT Start-up Fee
The AGENT Start-up Fee is a one-time fee to get started as an agent.

How is the subscription price paid?

By linking to the payment page, you will be transferred to a secure payment gateway. This will prompt for your credit card details. BanktoBook does not store your credit card details. We do not take money from your account automatically.

The first 30 days of the subscription is free. If you don't want to renew your subscription, you can cancel at any time.

How much does a custom format cost?

We will treat each request for a custom format on an individual basis. It is in our interest to make new formats available. Some formats may be free. Otherwise we will provide a quote. This is for a license to use the format.

How much does an automatic bank feed cost?

We will treat each request on an individual basis. BanktoBook reserves the right to decide whether a feed is implemented.

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