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Scenarios for an Agent

Scenario. 'I am a bookkeeper with clients. How can BantoBook help?'

BanktoBook is the fastest way to do bookkeeping. It is accounting from bank accounts.

It saves time and it saves money.

It can be done from anywhere with a browser device and an internet connection.

Scenario. 'I attended a Franchise Expo. I was looking for ways to get a new business started.'

There were many business ideas but I was shocked at the cost of getting started.

There were all sorts of businesses.
   House Cleaning
   Car Wash
   Dog Wash
   Music Tuition
But the costs ranged from $5,000 to $100,000 in the first year.

The cost is high because most include a vehicle or trailer or equipment. BanktoBook is a new business model because the software is in the 'cloud' and it is shared. Imagine a lawn mower that is shared simultaneously by every lawnmower person. The cost is low due to the shared nature of the software.

BanktoBook offers a very low cost opportunity. It is a franchise opportunity for Bookkeepers. The Bookkeeper, Tax Agent or Accountant is treated as an Agent in BanktoBook. An Agent can have many clients. Please contact us for pricing.

With a laptop and a mobile internet connection, I can visit my client and start doing BanktoBook with the client beside me, or, I can be at my home office and be on the phone to my client and we can both be looking at the same data. The client can even be in another country. It is a mobile business like no other.

Scenario. 'I have various clients with different needs. How do I know how much BanktoBook will cost.'

The cost to an agent is set-up fee plus a fixed annual fee regardless of the number of clients.

The client cost of BanktoBook to the client is tuned to the frequency of the client's needs. There are basically annual clients, quarterly clients and monthly clients.

Please contact us for pricing.

Scenario. 'Can I, as the Agent, own the client accounts?'

Yes. You can start clients and be responsible for paying the client fees. What you charge the client is up to you.

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