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Security and Confidentiality.

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I am concerned about security and confidentiality. What does BanktoBook offer?

We are also concerned about security and confidentiality.
We only require an email address so we can contact you.
Your bank account numbers or names are not required.
Your details can be anonymous by using pseudo-names.
Secure 128 bit SSL encryption is used.

Do I have to give away my online banking credentials?

BanktoBook does not connect automatically to Banks and therefore does not need your banking credentials.

Do I have to give away my credit card details?

Not to BanktoBook.
We do not store credit card details.
Payments are transferred to a retail bank or to PayPal.
These do require your credit card details.
The security of these parties is regarded as the highest industry standard.
A hacker cannot obtain these details from BanktoBook.

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