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Step1. Start now for FREE

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Step2. Export data from your existing online accounts.

Download transactions from your existing online accounts.

Use your internet banking.
There is no need to give us the password.
Then upload them in the next step.

I don't have online banking.

Manually create a file of transactions.
We will show you how.
Then upload them in the next step.

Step3. Import transaction data to us.

Import the transaction file from Step2.

This is the file you downloaded or manually created.

As the transactions are imported, they are automatically categorised.

The first time is the hardest.
It gets easier once you have done it before.
BanktoBook intentionally defaults transactions as uncategorised until the rules are established.
It is better to be uncategorised than categorised to an incorrect category.

Step4. Define some simple rules.

We will show you the Uncategorised transactions.

You click and select to categorise or change categories.

There are many more ways to control rules.

A change of Category can be one-off or become a rule.
Re-categorisation by rules can be controlled in various ways.
An imported file can be rule-locked so future rule changes do not affect it.
An individual transaction (one-off) is automatically rule-locked so future rule changes do not affect it.
The sequence of rules can be edited.
A rule-lock can be applied by date so no automatic re-categorisation occurs after that date.

The management and control of rules differentiates BanktoBook from other products.

BanktoBook allows for simple and advanced management.

Step5. Output reports and charts.

Generate a variety of reports.

The main report is the Category Report.
This is the report you give to your tax agent for final tax preparation.

See charts on the main page.

You can easily change filters or chart options and see instant changes to the chart.

Export data for further use.

Our standard export is a CSV file.
The generation of the export file is automatic when you run a report.
The export file matches the data in the report.
Exported CSV files can be imported to a spreadsheet for futher manipulation.
Exports to specific formats can be requested.

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